Tailored SEO courses and training

Learn from those who know best. Our SEO courses are based on our team’s outstanding track record of significantly improving organic traffic to our client’s websites. During our training courses we share that experience first hand, introducing you to all of the theory and tools that attendants need to enhance their SEO campaigns internally. We’ll even let them in on some of our hard-earned and coveted trade secrets.

Our SEO training is always hands-on and we love to work with the actual websites of our trainees as opposed to working on generic demos.

We offer public SEO courses as well as company-specific SEO training and are always happy to tailor something entirely unique to our client’s business’ needs.

Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can help you, by helping your site Go Up!

What You'll Learn

Our SEO courses are designed to teach our trainees everything that is needed to know to take their websites to the top of Google. We start with covering the theory behind how search engines work and the research that forms the foundations of every SEO campaign. We then move on and look at applying that theory; discussing how to conduct a website audit and implement onsite optimisation. Having covered some important SEO fundamentals, we then focus on what is potentially the most infamous aspect of SEO: link building. We don’t just discuss best practices. The underbelly of spam is also explored in detail to help striving SEO’s avoid the usual dead ends and pitfalls of SEO.

What You'll Get

Every one of our SEO courses is tailored to the specific websites and objectives of our attendees. Full technical SEO audits are completed prior to the course so that there is constant referral back to the trainee’s website during training. We also include one-on-one sessions for every trainee to ensure the best level of training. In this way we make sure that attendees not only understand the theory, but can crucially relate it back to their own websites. We aim for everyone to leave us with both a sound understanding of SEO best practices as well as with a strategy of their own to implement. Our door is always open: Everyone who has attended one of our SEO courses is more than welcome to call or email us with questions afterwards. This ‘after care’ is a very important aspect of our courses and something that we are strong believers in. So whether you can’t remember what a 301 redirect is or are unsure whether you have duplicate content issues, we are here to help.